Global Private Equity


Hudson Bridge Partners, LLC (HBP) is a global private equity and advisory firm.  Our private equity group deploys capital opportunistically over a broad range of industries and focuses on companies that require capital, to drive growth and enhance stakeholder value.  Though we are fundamentally agnostic, we look for opportunities that have inherently compelling risk/reward profiles. 

We deploy capital in any combination of equity, credit and hybrid vehicles which provides us with a measure of flexibility in any of our deployments.  HBP focuses on identifying best in class growth stage companies, invests capital to fuel exponential growth, with the intent of maximizing exit valuations. 


Our investment methodologies revolve around patience and discipline.  We believe these are pathways to value creation.  We invest in companies that have solid businesses, broad customer bases and compelling revenue drivers.  HBP makes minority and control investments and executes deployments in any variation equity, debt and hybrid structures.  We can be characterized as opportunistic and invest vigorously across the capital stack, in a disciplined manner.

We believe a company’s long-term growth is critically linked to its capital formation, we persist with management and identify the most optimum capital structure that least impairs the balance sheet, but sets the company on a path to grow unencumbered.



$10 million and greater (Lower revenue outputs considered).


$5 million - $20 million

Senior Debt

$5 million - $100 million

Junior Debt

$1 million - $10 million


$5 million - $20 million

Term Loans/Revolvers

$5 million -$50 million


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